How Are Stocks Divided During a Divorce?

How Are Stocks Divided During a Divorce? | Albin Oldner Law, PLLC | iStock-1139817566

Stocks are a great investment for many. If you and your spouse have them, you’re likely wondering what might happen to your investments after your divorce. Just like most everything in the legal world, the answer is, “it depends.” Are the Stocks Separate or Community Property? In Texas, community property must be divided in a divorce. ...

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Conservatorship & Child Custody Laws in Texas

Conservatorship & Child Custody Laws in Texas | Albin Oldner Law, PLLC | iStock-585629290

If you’re going through a divorce or are considering one, you might have questions about your children. Will you receive custody of your children? Will your spouse? Is there even such a thing as full custody in Texas? All of these questions can be answered by learning more about Texas’ child custody laws. Child Custody: Understanding Conser...

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Domestic Violence And Firearms

Gun Violence Statistics An estimated 1.4 million Texans have a state regulated license to carry.[1] In 2018, One Hundred and Seventy-Four women in Texas were killed by male intimate partners 59% of the murders were by firearms.[2] Family violence is defined by the Texas Family Code as: (1) violence by a member of the family or househo...

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